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The name of the school comes from the union of the surnames of its founders «Buitron Quijano», three brothers from Quito (Ecuador) who decided to open an aviation school in the United States. It all began as a family flying club in North Perry, Miami, which in 2018 would transform from a flying club to an aviation school with its main headquarters in the city of Kissimmee, state of Florida; Soon after, the vision of these three young people, their ability to undertake and the desire to fulfill their dreams, developed what would become the school that it is today.

With more than 300 national and international graduate students, alliances of more than 10 airlines and platforms, two locations within the United States and two more in Puerto Rico, Buiqui Aerospace is made up of an internal team divided into various labor departments, where value is and encourages support for mutual growth, becoming part of one of the most important and recognized aviation schools inside and outside the country, endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States with Part 61.

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From the thoughts of our students and administrative staff.


We seek to train trained pilots with enough tools to achieve their dreams, personal and professional goals.


We seek to be an inimitable aviation school of excellence at a national and international level, which allows its students and future pilots to open new paths and spaces in their area and field of work.

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20 instructors


The school is open from 6am to 11pm for student flights, at Dispatch and Office we are active from 8am to 7pm. We open every day.


22 planes


Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Pitts Aerobatics, Piper Cub, Piper Seminole Multi Engine


Being a Part 61 school, it is not necessary.


Being WET prices, fuel is included.


These are just a few questions, but here you have many more to solve all your doubts.