license trining aerospace


What is your license of interest?


Private Pilot (PPL)

This license will enable the student the opportunity to fly with family and friends in good visibility conditions, rent and even buy their own plane. It is the first contact that the future Pilot has within the field of aviation, and even if the student is looking for something exclusively recreational.

Instrument Rating Pilot (IFR)

In this license, the student will obtain the instrument flight rating. You will need to use a vision limitation device that will prevent you from seeing outside the window of the plane. Having previously completed the required hours as a Pilot in command and in Simulator. This will teach the student to fly the plane safely, knowing how to handle each of the instruments inside it.

Commercial Single-Engine Pilot (CPL)

The Commercial Pilot license will previously cover the Private Pilot license and the number of hours required under the FAA. It is the end of the first phase to become a single-engine pilot.

Multi-engine pilot (ME)

The student who has previously completed his Private Pilot license, can decide to start his studies as a Multi-engine Pilot, which will enable the student to access a wider range of aircraft, without so many limitations.

Ground Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI)

Having obtained your Commercial Pilot license, this is the last step to be able to start in the aviation career field as a theory instructor, and open the way to be a flight instructor by completing your 1,500 hours of flight time, as the FAA requires and thus apply to work in large airlines.

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFI-I)

Once you have obtained your Flight Instructor Certificate, this second certificate will allow you to become a complete Instructor, enabling the possibility of teaching new and future pilots the complete Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot and Commercial Pilot programs.

Multi Engine Instructor

Having obtained your Multi-Engine License, in addition to the required hours as a Pilot in Command and your certification as a flight instructor, becoming a multi-engine instructor will allow you to prepare students for the Multi-engine Pilot License.


Our international students, from anywhere in the world, who already have their Pilot licenses and wish to validate them with the FAA, will be able to do so, from the Private Pilot license, to the Multi-engine license. The hours you have outside the United States will count as part of your training. Depending on the case of each student, we personalized the program  with the hours and exams they need to take.