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Discovery Flight

What is it about?


It is a unique experience to live as a true pilot. We start the tour at the school to know our facilities, then we will make a pre-flight with the instructor and then we will get on the plane, the instructor will take the pilot position until we are at a stable height, there you can take the pilot position to have the full experience. This route, including the pre-flight will last approximately one hour.

We are an FAA qualified school, that’s why our instructors will give you the best experience!

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Florida, USA

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Indiana, USA

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Georgia, USA

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Aguadilla, PR

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Ponce PR

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San Juan, PR


Stay with us

Group 2215

Our student accommodation has:

Private Room

with all services**



Just 5 minutes

from the school

** Food is not included in the services.

Gym and pool

services (optional)

* The gym and the swimming pool are not mandatory features in the taking of the accommodation

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